6' halfpipe w/ extension

Traceable 6 Foot Tall Halfpipe Skateboard Ramp Template – Full Size CNC Drawn Pattern with Instruction Booklet, Coping Block and Skatelite Sample


CODE: half_6_tp_ext_16w


BUILD MAD SKILLS in your own backyard with our traceable halfpipe skateboard ramp plans. We take the guesswork out of materials, measuring and coping with this full-size pattern and complete step-by-step guide book.

CNC DRAWN in precision detail, our halfpipe plans ensure perfect curves that enable you to pull off every grind or rock-and-roll variation plus ollies, blunts and even small airs. One eight foot wide section of the ramp has a one foot tall extension for added trick variations.

EASY TO USE life-size template means no scale calculations are required by you. Simply lay the pattern atop your plywood and trace.

This completed halfpipe will measure 16’W x 35’L with 4’ decks on both sides.

CELEBRATE TEAMWORK when you and your child or best friend follow our “can’t screw it up” skateboard ramp blueprints. Create a personal halfpipe that rivals the finest ramps across the world.

ALSO INCLUDED is a coping block to aid with proper coping installation. Skatelite Pro ramp surface samples are included as well as a full materials list so you won’t go back-and-forth to the store for the right components. The cost of this traceable ramp plan includes USPS Priority Mail Shipping!

six foot halfpipe

What about building this ramp 12' wide? Building this ramp 12' wide is somewhat of a tease.  Framing two 6' wide sections and locking them together is the same amount of work as making two 8' wide sections. When the ramp is 12' wide you don't get the full effect of long grinds and the speed that a 16' wide ramp provides. If you have a specific space where only a 12' wide halfpipe will fit than go for it - otherwise build it 16' wide.

wide halfpipe traceable plan

CNC-drawn to exacting standards, sparing you costly transition mistakes. Simply lay out the template and trace around it. 

Priority Shipping Included

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Thanks for the ramp plans that we ordered. They were so easy to follow and the blueprints were great when it came time to do the transitions. We would have had a mess if we did not have them. My friend and I use to skate when we were younger and decided to get back into it. We just had to talk our wives into it. Guess what? It worked! We bought the plans for a 6ft halfpipe and we built it on weekends and some evenings. It looks great. It is in my backyard and looks like a part of my "compound." We put siding on it to match the house and my shed. We told our wives that if we sided it you would not even know it was there! Anyways, we have included some pictures for you to view. As you can see by one of the pictures, my dog Harley loves it. I cannot keep her off of it. Thanks again for the great product. - J. U. and Todd W.