Traceable Halfpipe Plan
Traceable Halfpipe Plan3' tall halfpipe3' tall halfpipe3' tall halfpipe3' tall halfpipetraceable ramp plan3' tall halfpipe

3' halfpipe traceable plan 8' wide - shipping included


CODE: half_3_tp_8w


The 3' halfpipe is very popular for small backyards or indoor locations such as a barn.

With 4' decks on both sides, the ramp is 25' 8" long.

This is the ramp to build if you have a beginning skater who wants to learn how to drop in and then progress to grinds, rock and roll variations and small ollies. The 3' halfpipe is too small for bmx or inliners to really enjoy but younger skateboarders love it. This might be a ramp your skaters will outgrow over time. If you're worried about this, go with the 4' halfpipe.If you have the means, this ramp should be built 16' wide.

What about building this ramp 12' wide? Building this ramp 12' wide is somewhat of a tease.  Framing two 6' wide sections and locking them together is almost the same amount of work as making two 8' wide sections. When the ramp is 12' wide you don't get the full effect of long grinds and the speed that a 16' wide ramp provides. If you have a specific space where only a 12' wide halfpipe will fit than go for it - otherwise build it 16' wide.

Materials costs for this ramp:
What you buy from us...
- Traceable Template Plan (shipping included): $40
- Framing & sheeting screws, countersinks & coping install plates (shipping included): $252
- 7 sheets of 4' x 8' skate ramp surfacing: varies between $728, 868, $1057 plus freight costs
What you buy from your local lumber store...
- Exterior plywood sheets, 2x6 framing and steel coping: (estimated) $500
Estimated Total: varies between $1550, $1700, $1900

Traceable Template Plans Include:
Actual size traceable template (a pattern) of the curved or banked section of the ramp
Step by step instruction booklet including a tools and materials list
A coping support sample (if applicable)
FREE ramp surfacing and screw sample packet

A sample packet of the different ramp surfaces is included free of charge in every template plan. The packet is helpful in choosing colors as well as getting a feel of the different ramp surfaces. You will clearly see and feel that these surfaces are much different than masonite. You will also realize that there is not a similar surface available at your local lumber store. Feel free to perform tests on the surfaces - countersink them, saw them, submerge them in water, beat them with a hammer, - whatever.

Sample Packet Includes:
Drumlite Grade A in the brown color (outdoor)
Skatelite Pro in the natural color (outdoor)
Skatelite Pro OCC (outdoor green version with 50% recycled material)
Ramp Armor Deluxe in brown and tan colors (outdoor)
One 2" GRK Sheeting screw
One 3 1/8" GRK Framing Screw

Rather than getting a traceable plan, perhaps you want the Partial Kit for this ramp. Check it out HERE.

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I just wanted to thank you for all your help on the halfpipe ramp. The plan I purchased was the 3’x8’ and it was very easy to follow. I saved hours of time and money that would have otherwise been wasted if I attempted this ramp from scratch. The plan pays for itself 5 times over and the end result is a professional looking product that I am proud to say I built!

I was able to finish 99% of the ramp before Christmas but I wanted to let my kids choose the coping so I left the decks tacked into the transition temporarily. We planned to finish up the day after Christmas but due to Mother nature we had to improvise. Here are some pics of your halfpipe design being used for other outdoor activities.


The 3 foot Mini Ramp is exactly how it should feel; in between a tight and mellow transition, and exactly the right amount of flat bottom to set up your tricks on the approach. - Alex Azzi - Head Instructor of Revolution Skatepark at French Woods Summer Camp, Hancock NY.


Hi Brendan! It's Tammy from WA. You asked me to send some pictures of the halfpipe I built. Here they are. The skateboarder in the picture is my 14 year old son, Jon. Because I'm a single Mom, Jon and I built the halfpipe this summer by ourselves. Proof of the quality of your instructions.


We built the 3 footer in my loft in Brooklyn, NYC in one weekend. The circles that we cut in the ends of the decks... we built bunks in the ends. Some of it used for storage and the other two are used for bunks for people to crash in when they visit. There's mattresses inside, lights, etc.