Traceable Halfpipe Plan
Traceable Halfpipe Plan

2' 6" basement halfpipe traceable plan - shipping included


CODE: half_2_6_tp


The 2' 6" halfpipe can fit into tight indoor spaces. Basements & garages can be turned into a fun indoor skate spot with this ramp. This ramp is designed with a low profile flat bottom for indoor skateboarding, if you're looking for a small halfpipe in the backyard for your 12 year old, go with a ramp that has more transition (curve) such as the 4' halfpipe. If you don't have 23' to work with, the ramp is easy to customize so you can build 18" decks and your ramp will fit in a 19' 8" space.

Materials costs for this ramp:
What you buy from us...
- Traceable Template Plan (shipping included): $40
- Framing & sheeting screws, countersinks & coping install plates (shipping included): $223
- 7 sheets of 4' x 8' skate ramp surfacing: varies between $728 - $868 plus freight costs
What you buy from your local lumber store...
- Exterior plywood sheets, 2x6 framing and steel coping: (estimated) $420
Estimated Total: varies between $1400, $1550

Traceable Template Plans Include:
Actual size traceable template (a pattern) of the curved or banked section of the ramp
Step by step instruction booklet including a tools and materials list
A coping support sample (if applicable)
FREE ramp surfacing and screw sample packet

A sample packet of the different ramp surfaces is included free of charge in every template plan. The packet is helpful in choosing colors as well as getting a feel of the different ramp surfaces. You will clearly see and feel that these surfaces are much different than masonite. You will also realize that there is not a similar surface available at your local lumber store. Feel free to perform tests on the surfaces - countersink them, saw them, submerge them in water, beat them with a hammer, - whatever.

Sample Packet Includes:
Drumlite Grade A in the brown color (outdoor)
Skatelite Pro in the natural color (outdoor)
Skatelite Pro OCC (outdoor green version with 50% recycled material)
Ramp Armor Deluxe in brown and tan colors (outdoor)
One 2" GRK Sheeting screw
One 3 1/8" GRK Framing Screw

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I just finished building my micro mini from your plans about 4 days ago. This is the best micro ramp I have ever skated! The lip feels exactly like a lip on a much bigger ramp which has made it the best learning tool. I've been able to learn a lot of tricks in only a few days that I was a little shy to try to learn on a bigger ramp after a couple huge falls. Anyhow, I just wanted to say that the plans are more than worth the money. I would have paid two hundred dollars to get a ramp this perfect! Once again, thanks for the plans, perfect transitions. You can't improve on your design. Thanks. Matt Corbitt