4' halfpipe w/ extension
4' halfpipe w/ extensiontraceable ramp plan

Traceable 4 Foot Tall Halfpipe Skateboard Ramp Template – Full Size CNC Drawn Pattern with Instruction Booklet, Coping Blocks and Skatelite Sample


CODE: half_4_tp_ext_16w


BUILD MAD SKILLS in your own backyard with our traceable halfpipe skateboard ramp plans. We take the guesswork out of materials, measuring and coping with this full-size pattern and complete step-by-step guide book.

CNC DRAWN in precision detail, our halfpipe plans ensure perfect curves that enable you to pull off every grind or rock-and-roll variation plus ollies, blunts and even small airs. One eight foot wide section of the ramp has a one foot tall extension for added trick variations.

EASY TO USE life-size template means no scale calculations are required by you. Simply lay the pattern atop your plywood and trace.

This completed halfpipe will measure 16’W x 29’L with 4’ decks on both sides.

CELEBRATE TEAMWORK when you and your child or best friend follow our “can’t screw it up” skateboard ramp blueprints. Create a personal halfpipe that rivals the finest ramps across the world.

ALSO INCLUDED are 2 wood coping blocks to aid with proper coping installation. Skatelite Pro ramp surface samples are included as well as a full materials list so you won’t go back-and-forth to the store for the right components. The cost of this traceable ramp plan includes USPS Priority Mail Shipping!

four foot halfpipe

What about building this ramp 12' wide? Building this ramp 12' wide is somewhat of a tease.  Framing two 6' wide sections and locking them together is the same amount of work as making two 8' wide sections. When the ramp is 12' wide you don't get the full effect of long grinds and the speed that a 16' wide ramp provides. If you have a specific space where only a 12' wide halfpipe will fit than go for it - otherwise build it 16' wide.

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CNC-drawn to exacting standards, sparing you costly transition mistakes. Simply lay out the template and trace around it. 

Priority Shipping Included

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Your plans were incredibly helpful. We built the ramp through a college club, and it would have been impossible to co-ordinate 25 or so 20 year olds without them. The suggestions for building techniques, and the lists of necessary materials for each part came in especially handy. The ramp is wonderful, and the local skate scene is really grateful. People have been coming from all over to shred it. The ramp is very fast too -- the Drumlite made a huge difference from the plywood. The transition is perfect, it's mellow enough for smooth grinds and steep enough for airs. In any case, this is a great ramp.


Hey we finally made up our minds! Your web site has great pictures and was very easy to navigate. I want to thank you for your patience with us. You took time and answered all of our questions. We were able to make a decision on which ramp we should build and look forward to receiving the materials from you. You are awesome - you will have to come skate our ramp if you ever get to Idaho!! We will send you pictures or video of the process! Thanks again, Susan


Dave Brooke Natrona Heights, PA - We started to build this halfpipe in early December 2001 as a Christmas gift for Chris. I bought the plans from Whitefish Skate Ramp Co. after searching the Internet for free plans. If you want to build any kind of ramp or half pipe, spend the money for the plans and templates from Whitefish. I could not have done this project without them . It took a total of about 50 hours to build this, but it is a first class structure that will last for a long time.


Hey guys: Everything went together in about 2 weeks. We just need to add some railings and some finishing touches. The plans were very easy to follow and I thank you for steering me in the direction of the 4 ft design. My 7 year old is doing some crazy tricks!!!! Again, thank you for the help!!!!! Regards, John Kranick


Scott Disler Yakima, WA - I was just writing to tell you that I received my plans and template on Thursday. I also would like to say thanks for everything. The template is perfect. The plans are amazingly easy to read and follow and whoever my wife or I talked to were really nice and helpful. There needs to be more companies in the world just like yours. Thanks again. Scott


Helen Owing Mills, MD - Dear Brendan, You've spoken to me on the phone a few times. Just wanted to let you know my 14 year-old son and I finally finished the 4-foot halfpipe we began last fall. We had all the framework and the most of the plywood layers up by Thanksgiving, but then the weather turned snowy and bitter cold around here, so we had to wait until the last couple of weekends to get the surface on. My sons and their friends are skating the ramp and they couldn't be happier. Thanks again for all your advice and "tech support" over the phone during the process. Although I have a lot of experience using drills, circular saws and jig saws, I have never built anything larger than a stretcher for a four by six-foot painting before. So I'm pleased with how smoothly it went considering it was the first time I'd ever built a structure of that size. The blueprint was invaluable, but the whole booklet was clear and helpful. My son has learned a lot in the process about woodworking. Best regards, Helen.