Traceable Ramp Plans

A life-size template is a giant, computer designed pattern for a skate ramp. The pattern is traced onto plywood & cut out yielding a perfect curve. The curve is perfect because it's generated by a CAD (Computer Aided Drafting) program. The template is marked with the exact location to place 2x6 cross braces & where to place screws. A sample of the angle cut needed for proper coping placement is also included in halfpipe & quarterpipe template plans.

Traceable Template Plans Include:
Life-size traceable template of the curved or banked section of the ramp
A step by step booklet including a tools and materials list
An angle rip sample (if applicable)
Ramp surfacing and screw sample packet
USPS Priority Mail Shipping

Dave Brooke Natrona Heights, PA - We started to build this halfpipe in early December 2001 as a Christmas gift for Chris. I bought the plans from Whitefish Skate Ramp Co. after searching the internet for free plans. If you want to build any kind of ramp or halfpipe, spend the money for the plans and templates from Whitefish. I could not have done this project without them . It took a total of about 50 hours to build this, but it is a first class structure that will last for a long time.

4' halfpipe w/ extension
Traceable 4 Foot Tall Halfpipe Skateboard ...


6' halfpipe w/ extension
Traceable 6 Foot Tall Halfpipe Skateboard ...


Traceable Halfpipe Plan
2' 6" basement halfpipe traceable plan - s...


Traceable Halfpipe Plan
3' halfpipe traceable plan 8' wide - shipp...