Ramp Armor - brown color

Ramp Armor Deluxe - 4' x 8' x 1/4" Brown Color


CODE: 1_rad_brn_4x8


Ramp Armor® D-LUX is resistant to the effects of weather and is able to withstand high usage wear and tear delivered by skateboarding and BMX. Ramp Armor is shipped from the midwest and has very low freight quotes to the midwest and east coast.

Warranty: 5 years for manufacturers defects

How do I buy a certain number of sheets?
Type in the number of sheets you need in the Quantity box.

What is the freight cost for this ramp surfacing?
Since every zip code will have a different delivery charge, we aren't sure at this time what your freight cost will be. Your credit card will not be charged for this order until we contact you with the exact freight cost and you approve it. We will work to get you the lowest freight cost possible. Be sure to budget for a freight cost even though the shopping cart says - Shipping cost: $0.00.

Recent Freight Costs

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What about screws and countersinks?

You will also need the best installation screws available so you might as well get those now too. For an outdoor ramp, you will want to agressively screw down the sheets before the weather hits... not after. Expect to use 70 screws per sheet and one countersink per four sheets of ramp surfacing. If your ramp takes 16 sheets of 4x8 ramp surfacing, you'll want to order a four pack of countersinks and choose 16 under Quantity for the 70 screw pack. Our countersinks fit the thicker 2" GRK screws that we special order in bulk. You can also select the countersinks from the "Screws and Countersinks" Category on the left.

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After a marathon session, we got the Ramp Armor installed and rode it Sunday night. Had just enough screws and just enough drill bits. Everything went great! The Ramp Armor went down like a vice and now my ramp is hard as a rock. As a novice ramp builder / weekend warrior, you answered all the questions I had about installation and were patient and insightful. You also saved me a boat load of money on shipping charges by recommending the Ramp Armor over the Skatelite since I'm on the East Coast and now I can still afford to feed my kids! The materials were delivered promptly - within a week, and you packed just enough screws and countersinks to get the job done. Half way through the installation, I finally got a quote from one of the other suppliers trying to sell me Skatelite for more than your original quote. My only regret is that I didn't discover Whitefish sooner - I would have used your plans to build my ramp!


The Ramp Armor Deluxe is awesome. It rides very smooth and fast. My son said it rides as good or better than at any skatepark he's been to. The GRK screws and countersinks worked perfectly. Zero screws broke, zero wood split and a nice tight bite throughout.


Just wanted to let you know that the shipment arrived today. All of the skatelite is in great shape, and I had no problems unloading the shipment from the truck (sheet-by-sheet as you had suggested). - Thanks again for all your help!


First, I wanted to let you know that it has been a real pleasure dealing with your company. Communication has been great and the assistance with tracking our shipments has been wonderful. Second, the countersinks you sent us are worth their weight in gold! The hardware, screws, countersinks etc. were great. We were able to obtain a much closer fit from our panels to our ramps than with the traditional screws. These countersinks have cut our labor down dramatically and we experienced no chipping while drilling. The accuracy we experienced was phenomenal. Thank you again and I look forward to doing business again in the future. Jose Pineiro - Assistant Superintendent of Parks & Facilities - Round Lake Area Park District


Those GRK screws are top notch! My brother who is a fabricator of all sorts of projects was so impressed with the screws he plans on using them in his next project. Thanks again for all your help, the ramp is REALLY COOL!"