Partial Ramp Kits

Partial Ramp Kits are precision cut pieces of the ramps...basically all of the difficult angles, notches and curves are done for you. The holes for the screws are also pre-drilled. You can unpack these parts after they are shipped to you, make some straight cuts and have your ramp framed in a few hours. This is a huge time saver and worth every penny.

....the time and labor that is saved from this new service far outweighs the shipping investment.
Alex Azzi - Head Skateboard Instructor at Frenchwoods Skateboard Camp
Hancock, New York

...As for the partial kits they were great. I will recommend them to anyone building ramps. They were easy to work with and saved a lot of time. I am glad we went that route with our project. We built all of those ramps and a few other pieces in under 4 days. We still need to get the big pyramid box you guys have when we raise the funds. I like you guys because you are down with the DIY people. Thanks for getting it done so we could meet our demo deadline. Mike Vallely and Kristian Svitak did the event. I will contact you when we raise the funds for the pyramid - Thanks again Aaron - Marshall, MI