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Date added: 03/30/2011 3' Tall Halfpipe Partial Kit

We re-designed the 3' tall halfpipe and just rolled out the new Partial Kit for this ramp. This is a great ramp for small backyards and the partial kit is the way to go. If you are looking to build a halfpipe that is a little bit wider, we suggest you go with the 4' tall with 5' extension.

This Partial Ramp Kit Includes:
3' halfpipe partial kit - 8' wide packaged on a long loading 4’ x 8’ pallet
  - The transitions are made of an exterior plywood that is overlaid with a high-quality phenolic resin layer

  - The transitions and flat bottom lengths are precision cut, pre-drilled and marked with our CNC machine.

7 sheets of 4x8 Ramp Armor Deluxe (outdoor dark brown)
2– 8’ pieces of steel coping with coping plates welded on for quick and proper installation
Hardware - all the GRK framing & sheeting screws needed for the project, bits & countersinks
A step-by-step instruction booklet with a tools and materials list

Total = $1499.00     Read more about this halfpipe HERE

Date added: 02/25/2011 Drumlite Sheeted Skatepark

City Grind Skatepark in Michigan just opened up.
We supplied the Drumlite Ramp Surfacing in many colors and helped with a little tech support.
I just wanted to say thanks for the great Drumlite surface and advice. We opened last Sunday and the park seems to be a hit with the local skate talent. Our facebook is exploding with skater videos. If you get a chance, check us out again.
Thanks - Mike Schmidt - City Grind Skate Park

Date added: 12/23/2010 Drumlite Ramp Surfacing

*** December 23rd. 2010 *** 400 sheets of Drumlite just arrived at our Montana warehouse. Most of the sheets are 4’ x 10’ or 4’ x 12’ in size in six color choices. This material will go fast (just like the last two shipments so don't wait).
4’ x 8’ sheets $95 per sheet
4’ x 10’ sheets $125 per sheet
4’ x 12’ sheets $150 per sheet

Call 406.253.5365 to get yours ordered. Click HERE to learn all about this awesome outdoor surface.

Date added: 12/20/2010 2' 6" Tall Bedroom Halfpipe

Here is an awesome indoor mini halfpipe. Just about as mini as you can get.
2 1/2' high 6 feet wide and 17 foot 8 inches long with 18 inch long decks (add more length if you have the space)
Bedrooms, basements & garages can be turned into a fun indoor skate spot with this ramp. (watch the video and get your bedroom ready)
This halfpipe is designed with a low profile flat bottom for indoor skateboarding only (masonite sheeted).

We are going to be packaging these ramps as a full kit shipped to you. Every screw, the steel coping with coping plates welded on and all pieces cut out an labeled for you to assemble by following the booklet. The price (without shipping) is hopefully going to be $999! Email us HERE to let us know that you are interested in this ramp. That might help us bump it up into the ramp rotation.


Date added: 10/04/2010 Jason Forrest - Ramp Comment

Working for Indy, Creature, Krux, Ricta and Santa Cruz for years in the Southeast I've been fortunate enough to skate a lot of transition. I've skated secret indoor mansion pools in Atlanta, backyard ramps in DC and concrete from San Diego to Portland and from Philly to Florida. My wife and I made the move to Montana three years ago for the snowboarding, adventure and of course all the free outdoor concrete parks. One of the things I've been missing was some good halfpipe skating.

I finally got to make the trip over to the Whitefish Skate Ramp Warehouse and got to shred the new 4' halfpipe with 5' extension. That thing is super fun! Absolutely perfect, flawless in every way. The coping set was perfect, just right so you can lock in on it but not too big that it was scary. The transitions were fast and forgiving. The surfacing was flawless, grippy and fast but won't shred your skin when you fall. The ramp offered tons of room for progression, especially with the extension. Brendan gave me the rundown on how the partial kit is sold and I have to say if you are looking to build a backyard halfpipe and want a guaranteed kick ass set up this is the way to go. His system totally takes the guess work out of it. There is some work to it so there will still be a sense of accomplishment in the build but you know the end product will be super fun! Thanks for the invite!

Date added: 10/04/2010 Drumlite shipped to Mass

Wow, checkerboarding is in these days. Here is a shot of Chris Hanson's ramp that he recently re-sheeted with our Drumlite in Massachusetts. Chris' comment about the drumlite was simple enough "Thanx man. This s*%t is the ballz". Click HERE to learn more about this special outdoor skate ramp surfacing.



Date added: 10/04/2010 Skatelite Pro in Serbia

A few months ago we sent a large shipment of black Skatelite Pro to Novi Sad, Serbia for a skatepark that Freaks Division built. We hope to help them with skate ramp surfacing for their future skate parks. Thank you Sonja and Sol!



Date added: 10/04/2010 Mike Vallely & Kristian Svitak Demo

...As for the partial kits they were great. I will recommend them to anyone building ramps. They were easy to work with and saved a lot of time. I am glad we went that route with our project. We built all of those ramps and a few other pieces in under 4 days. We still need to get the big pyramid box you guys have when we raise the funds. I like you guys because you are down with the DIY people. Thanks for getting it done so we could meet our demo deadline. Mike Vallely and Kristian Svitak did the event. I will contact you when we raise the funds for the pyramid - Thanks again Aaron - Marshall, MI

Date added: 09/16/2010 Checkerboard Drumlite Ramp

Here is a photo sent in by Ryan Clark who re-sheeted his halfpipe with our Drumlite Ramp Surfacing. He got crazy with multiple colors as you can see. "Thanks Brendan for the help. The ramp turned out awesome and everyone loves it. I'm sure you will be getting some referrals in the future." Click HERE to learn more about this special outdoor skate ramp surfacing.



Date added: 08/20/2010 Nike and Hoon boys in Whitefish

A whole grip of pro skaters recently came through town to skate the incredible Dreamland Skatepark we have in Whitefish. It was tough to get half of them out of the Remington Bar and settled into campers, on the floor and various couches during a power outage but the mission was accomplished.

Some names on the trip... Peter Hewitt, Al Partanen, Jake Duncombe, Chet Childress, Andrew Currie, Emmanuel Guzman, Raven Tershy, Tom Remillard etc.. Peep the video HERE.