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Date added: 03/29/2013 Skatelite for Sale

750 sheets of Skatelite Pro and Drumlite Grade A just arrived at our warehouse... check out the truck drivers license plate...


Date added: 12/01/2012 December 2012 SALE!!!

We have a few 4' partial kits, 3' partial kits and Drumlite Grade A Sheets that need to ship out so we've reduced their prices before the holidays. Check out the sale pages and contact us for your shipping quote before they disappear.

halfpipe plans

Date added: 08/08/2012 NC Skate Shop Halfpipe

If you are in the Boone, North Carolina area, stop by Recess Skate and Snow and skate their ramp. We shipped them a partial kit and they built a halfpipe for their business/pleasure.

What up Brendan! Finally got the ramp open! Skates so good! We had the vans crew out and a pretty fun opening day. Thanks again for everything.
JP Pardy - Recess Skate and Snow - 1158 Highway 105 - Boone NC 28607 - 828-355-9013 - www.recessrideshop.com

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Date added: 07/19/2012 Thrasher Video - 10' Halfpipe

Check out the July issue of Thrasher where Dan Drehobl, Darren Navarette, Al Partanen etc... travel to Maui. They skate our 10' halfpipe at Lyon's house. We shipped the 10' halfpipe partial kit and lots of Skatelite Pro to Maui for this one. It was so good to read the description in the article because that's exactly what we were going for in the design of this ramp. "The Halfpipe had classic '80s transitions, but was about twice as wide as ramps were back then. Perfect for catching air but not having to fully pad up. Drehobl really took to it and you know Navs was loving it too."  Check out the photo and video below.

skate ramp surface


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Date added: 07/18/2012 Flying a ramp to Israel

A month ago we quickly packaged up a 4' halfpipe partial kit with pool coping and shipped it off via air freight to Israel. Here is a screen grab from the build and skate sesh.

Date added: 07/10/2012 Halfpipe Anniversary Gift

Belle was on the fence about this anniversary gift for her husband but we're so glad she did it. It was fun to arrange a delivery time of the PARTIAL KIT when he was out of town so friends could assemble it before his return. What a cool wife!!!

"I can't tell you how happy we are with our new 3'x8' halfpipe. I researched skate ramp companies all over the country and Canada and I'm so happy I chose Whitefish Skate Ramp Co.
My husband was so surprised to come home from his weeklong conference and see the halfpipe he has dreamed about for a very long time. It was the perfect 10th year anniversary gift!
Thank you for being so accommodating and working with me to get the partial ramp kit shipped to me at the perfect time. It came the afternoon I requested.
Thanks to the building manual, my friends were able to put the ramp together quite easily... and in a lot less time it would take to build one themselves.
Anyone who might be looking to buy a halfpipe should go with skaterampparts.com... Great customer service and great product... Thanks so much!" Belle Cheney

Date added: 06/20/2012 Sale - 4' halfpipe partial kit

6/20/12 First day of summer sale!!!

We'd like to get some finished photos of this ramp with the RampX in the buckskin color on it. We are lowering the price by $200 to speed this up. Now is the time to order up this package before it is gone. Call 406.253.5365 to claim it...

Date added: 06/15/2012 RampX Sheets New & Improved

The factory got all technical with several different tests on the old RampX and improved its durability even more. It is ready to be packaged up and shipped out in two colors... a leather brown and a lighter color called buckskin.

Check out the RampX page HERE and then fill out the Freight Estimate form or call 406.253.5365 to speak to a human.


Date added: 04/22/2012 Louie Lopez's Bowl

Louie Lopez's bowl is done. Looks good! We shipped the Drumlite ramp surfacing down to Globe for this one.

Date added: 02/22/2012 Drumlite on Malibu Bowl

We shipped a bunch of Drumlite ramp surfacing to Malibu for this great backyard bowl built on a hillside. Nice job Jimbo Borland!