Coping Install Plates
Coping Install Plates

Six Coping Install Plates w/ Hardware


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One of the best ways to attach the steel coping to your ramp is to weld it to the frame. To do this, small steel plates must be made that are drilled and countersunk to accommodate for large screws to fasten to the ramp. It is our goal to make it as easy as possible for our customers to get these skate ramps built properly. We are now selling the steel plates for those that don't want to bother making them. Lets face it, even a little halfpipe takes a long time to make. The framing goes up quickly and it looks like you'll be skating soon. It's all the little things at the end that add hours and hours. Rather than spending the time it takes to buy, measure, cut, drill, re-drill, grind and sand the plates, just buy them ready to install. The plates come with instructions, heavy duty screws and the bit needed for installation. To attach the plates to the steel coping (2 inch schedule 40 black steel pipe), you will need a welder. Wire feed welders are quite common these days. If you don't have a welder, someone you know probably does. Have the plates cut in and installed on the ramp so the welders time will be minimal.

Need to know how many plates to buy?
- An 8' wide halfpipe will require a 6 pack of plates
- A 16' wide halfpipe will require a 10 pack of plates
- A 24' wide halfpipe will require a 14 pack of plates -

If your ramp is custom and you need help determining the number of plates, please call Brendan at 406.253.5365.
Shipping of the coping plates is free with the order of a template plan - otherwise it is $5 extra for Priority Mail Shipping.

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For over 11 years I have been a pro snowboarder and been fortunate to skate tons of ramps. When it came to finally building my own, the coping plate system was the best and easiest ramp assembly I've ever seen. It made putting the coping on fun, rather than a pain, and the process and parts worked flawlessly! I can be honest and say that anyone not mechanically inclined can use and attach the coping plates, it is so easy and so smooth that we skated right over the plates before the skatelite and couldn't even feel them! It is the strongest attachment process that I have ever seen to hold on coping, it would take a tank with 5 cannons to knock it off! I would recommend these babies to everyone and if you don't use them you're living in the past!


I have built ramps since the late 80’s, and this is the best system to attach coping that I have ever seen. No longer do you have to drill holes in the coping or angle in screws at the ends. Instead, you have a solid metal plate that is screwed into the bracing of the ramp which the coping is then welded to. Then, all you need to complete the project is a basic welder, or someone who can do the quick welding work for you. Once finished, the plates are hidden beneath the top sheet of Skatelite and all that is visible is a perfectly flush-fitting piece of steel coping. What many people don’t realize is that the majority of the time invested in building a quality ramp is allocated to completing all of the small details and finishing touches. These details are also what separates a really well built ramp from a mediocre one. These coping plates not only save TONS of time in attaching the coping, but this system is the most structurally sound and polished that I’ve ever used. Thanks Whitefish Skate Ramp for the great idea and the great product! I highly recommend these plates to individual consumers and parks alike! – Matt Holloway