Bent Steel Coping

This is cold rolled steel coping for bowl corners. It is 2" schedule 40 black pipe (2 1/2" OD) and rolled by the best in the business. You will see the same exactness of bends on bowled corners made by the Dreamland and Grindline crews...not bad.

The tangent points are marked for each specific bend with a little left over to trim during installation. This protects the ends during shipment and can really help if you need an extra inch or two towards the end of the bend to merge it with a straight section of steel coping.

Bent Steel Coping
  Product Product code Price  
Bent Steel Coping 45 Degree Corner - 8 1/2' Radius

CODE: 45_8_6

Bent Steel Coping 90 Degree Hip - 3' Radius

CODE: 90_3_hip

Bent Steel Coping 90 Degree Corner - 8 1/2' Radius

CODE: 90_8_6