Hey whats up, we just got done building our dream halfpipe that we made from your ramp plans and my friends and I were wondering if you could send us some stickers to put on it. It would be greatly appreciated. Thank You. We were all very impressed with your plans for the 6' halfpipe. There are several things I would have done differently that would have wasted time and materials. Thanks Kevin, Frank, And Dain 1st Capital Sk8 Park
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Traceable Halfpipe Plan 6' halfpipe traceable plan 16' wide - shipping included

CODE: half_6_tp

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4' halfpipe w/ extension 4' halfpipe traceable plan 16' wide w/ extension - Amazon Prime

CODE: half_4_tp_ext_16w

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Traceable Halfpipe Plan 3' halfpipe traceable plan 8' wide - shipping included

CODE: half_3_tp_8w

Traceable Halfpipe Plan 2' 6" basement halfpipe traceable plan - shipping included

CODE: half_2_6_tp