Traceable Halfpipe Plan
Traceable Halfpipe Plan6' tall halfpipe6' tall halfpipe6' tall halfpipe6' tall halfpipetraceable ramp plan

6' halfpipe traceable plan 16' wide - shipping included


CODE: half_6_tp

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Thanks for the ramp plans that we ordered. They were so easy to follow and the blueprints were great when it came time to do the transitions. We would have had a mess if we did not have them. My friend and I use to skate when we were younger and decided to get back into it. We just had to talk our wives into it. Guess what? It worked! We bought the plans for a 6ft halfpipe and we built it on weekends and some evenings. It looks great. It is in my backyard and looks like a part of my "compound." We put siding on it to match the house and my shed. We told our wives that if we sided it you would not even know it was there! Anyways, we have included some pictures for you to view. As you can see by one of the pictures, my dog Harley loves it. I cannot keep her off of it. Thanks again for the great product. - J. U. and Todd W.