3' halfpipe partial kit - 8' wide


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This is a package deal to construct a 3 foot tall halfpipe that is 8 feet wide and 25 feet 8 inches long (back of the deck to back of the deck).

Partial Ramp Kits are precision cut pieces of the ramps...basically all of the difficult angles, notches and curves are cut for you. You can unpack these parts after they are shipped to you, make some straight cuts and have your ramp framed in a few hours. Not only is it a great time saver but the Partial Ramp Kit also helps avoid the mental “burnout” that can occur when cutting out all of these pieces by hand. By quickly framing up the shape of the ramp on the first day, this awesome visual will help bring out your friends/helpers and the construction will not drag on and on. This is a huge time saver and worth every penny. The locations of the cross braces are clearly marked and screw holes are pre-drilled for quick cross brace installation. All you have to do is locally purchase the necessary layers of plywood and 2X4s and cut them according to the very detailed instruction booklet provided. The construction of the flat bottom, decks and cross braces are all easy straight cuts. The Partial Ramp Kit is shipped through a carrier such as Reddaway Freight on one of their box trucks.
skateboard ramp kit

This Partial Ramp Kit Includes:
3' halfpipe partial kit - 8' wide packaged on a long loading 4’ x 8’ pallet
  - The transitions are made of an exterior plywood that is overlaid with a high-quality phenolic resin layer

  - The transitions and flat bottom lengths are precision cut, pre-drilled and marked with our CNC machine.

7 sheets of 4x8 Skatelite Pro R50 - cardboard brown color (outdoor)
2– 8’ pieces of steel coping with coping plates welded on for quick and proper installation
Hardware - all the BCX framing & sheeting screws needed for the project, bits & countersinks
A step-by-step instruction booklet with a tools and materials list

Total = $1799.00

To complete the construction of the ramp, you will buy sheets of plywood, 2x4s and cinderblocks for leveling (if needed) at a local lumber store (estimated cost $450). The materials list, master cut list and much more information is located in the plan booklet.

skateboard minipipe
Hi Brendan, I finally got the mini ramp assembled. It was a very smooth process. It took about 3 days in total to build. One to pre-cut all the lumber and frame the flat bottom and decks. And then a friend and I spent two days assembling it. My family was out of town so it made it much easier. No interruptions. :) And very little swearing since your plan was easy to follow. It was like one big Ikea project (in a good way). My son will be thrilled when he returns this week! Cheers, - Tim

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"Brendan gave me the rundown on how the partial kit is sold and I have to say if you are looking to build a backyard halfpipe and want a guaranteed kick ass set up this is the way to go. This system totally takes the guess work out of it. There is some work to it so there will still be a sense of accomplishment in the build but you know the end product will be super fun!" - Jason Forrest

Outdoor Ramp Surfacing: "This material rocks! The boys are thrilled with the way it skates; they say it is very fast & smooth but not too slick. It also dries quickly after a rain, so they can be back skating the ramp while the grass in the yard is still beaded with water. It has made the ramp 100% more usable, especially since we don’t have to cover it with a tarp anymore as this stuff can take the weather. I highly recommend it! Thanks, Jon D."

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I can't tell you how happy we are with our new 3'x8' halfpipe. I researched skate ramp companies all over the country and Canada and I'm so happy I chose Whitefish Skate Ramp Co.
My husband was so surprised to come home from his weeklong conference and see the halfpipe he has dreamed about for a very long time. It was the perfect 10th year anniversary gift!
Thank you for being so accommodating and working with me to get the partial ramp kit shipped to me at the perfect time. It came the afternoon I requested.
Thanks to the building manual, my friends were able to put the ramp together quite easily... and in a lot less time it would take to build one themselves.
Anyone who might be looking to buy a halfpipe should go with skaterampparts.com... Great customer service and great product... Thanks so much!


I grew up with a three foot mini ramp in my backyard. I've been skating most of my life, and still at thirty something a mini ramp session is always loads of FUN!


Debating on ordering the partial ramp kit or the traceable plan? Below is Craig's customer comment.
"Plans very helpful....templates easy to use......you were correct though....if we had the extra cash...the partial kit would be the way to go. It would be framed up by now. I'll send update photo's - Thanks Craig Simmons"


Working for Indy, Creature, Krux, Ricta and Santa Cruz for years in the Southeast I've been fortunate enough to skate a lot of transition. I've skated secret indoor mansion pools in Atlanta, backyard ramps in DC and concrete from San Diego to Portland and from Philly to Florida. My wife and I made the move to Montana three years ago for the snowboarding, adventure and of course all the free outdoor concrete parks. One of the things I've been missing was some good halfpipe skating.

I finally got to make the trip over to the Whitefish Skate Ramp Warehouse and got to shred the new 4' halfpipe with 5' extension. That thing is super fun! Absolutely perfect, flawless in every way. The coping set was perfect, just right so you can lock in on it but not too big that it was scary. The transitions were fast and forgiving. The surfacing was flawless, grippy and fast but won't shred your skin when you fall. The ramp offered tons of room for progression, especially with the extension. Brendan gave me the rundown on how the partial kit is sold and I have to say if you are looking to build a backyard halfpipe and want a guaranteed kick ass set up this is the way to go. His system totally takes the guess work out of it. There is some work to it so there will still be a sense of accomplishment in the build but you know the end product will be super fun! Thanks for the invite!


Yesterday, we got the framing of the 3 foot tall, 16 foot wide mini ramp done from start to finish which in my opinion is unheard of to do in a day.
After lunch we started working on getting the 10 foot halfpipe transitions put together, and within 3 hours we had ALL of the 12 transitions that will make the ramp 24 feet wide completed.
Tomorrow the vert ramps cross brace framing begins, and possibly, if there’s time, get the flat bottom framing done as well.


We are making good progress on the park. Your system is excellent, having spent the past 2 days helping the builder. He made several comments about how good the plans and pre-cuts are.