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Date added: 08/20/2010 5' tall halfpipe

Voting still continues for coolest dad ever... Currently Andrew Haight is in the lead with the construction of his 5' tall backyard halfpipe sheeted in Ramp Armor Deluxe. Andrew and his bros rip on the ramp and I'm sure his kids will soon as well. Dads and kids ripping together...who'd of thought? Now if we could just get rid the whole "energy drink" thing, the world would be closer to perfect. Check out those stairs!...clever touch.

Date added: 07/26/2010 Video of 4' halfpipe build

Here is a new video that explains the Partial Kit Process for the 4' tall halfpipe with extension. You know you want one. Click HERE for more info about this ramp.


Date added: 06/21/2010 Drumlite Ramp Surfacing SALE!!!

We have a limited amount of NEW Drumlite skate ramp surfacing in our Montana warehouse in many unique colors. This is a special one time deal and once it goes, that's it. If you are planning a ramp this summer, now is the time to buy before it is gone. Click HERE to learn more about this special outdoor skate ramp surfacing.

Date added: 01/19/2010 Hawaii vert ramp partial kit

A customer just sent this quick snapshot from their Iphone of the finishing touches on their new vert ramp.

We provided the partial kit as well as the Skatelite Pro ramp surfacing, countersinks & GRK installation screws. This ramp was built for an 11 year old skateboarder who can boost on the big ramps...good to see. If we can ship the partial kit and ramp surfacing to Hawaii then we can certainly ship it to you in the continental US of A.

Date added: 01/19/2010 New 4' Tall Halfpipe Partial Kit

A complete re-design has been done to one of our popular backyard halfpipes. The re-design was done to make it as easy as possible for our customers to quickly build this ramp. The ramp is 4' tall and 16' wide with an extension section that is 5' tall. The extension section is optional so if you want to just build the ramp with 16' coping, you can.

The partial kit comes with...
- All of the sheets of ramp surfacing needed
- The cutout sides and notched or ripped bracing
- The steel coping with couplers and install plates
- Framing screws
- Sheeting screws
- Countersinks for the ramp surfacing
- Step by step instruction booklet

To complete the construction of the ramp, you will locally purchase sheets of plywood, 2x6s and cinder blocks for leveling if needed. This partial kit is now available in our shopping cart HERE.

Date added: 11/29/2009 4' halfpipe with Skatelite Pro

"Hey it's the Petruzzellis from Idaho. If you ever get by this way we would love for you to check out his ramp. He is loving it! It's been finished for a while, but we had a party last night and his uncle took this photo - it made me think of you guys. Thanks again! Happy Holidays!" Susan P.

Date added: 09/23/2009 Andrew Crawford likes the coping plates

"For over 11 years I have been a pro snowboarder and been fortunate to skate tons of ramps. When it came to finally building my own, the coping plate system was the best and easiest ramp assembly I've ever seen. It made putting the coping on fun, rather than a pain, and the process and parts worked flawlessly! I can be honest and say that anyone not mechanically inclined can use and attach the coping plates, it is so easy and so smooth that we skated right over the plates before the skatelite and couldn't even feel them! (see photo) It is the strongest attachment process that I have ever seen to hold on coping, it would take a tank with 5 cannons to knock it off! I would recommend these babies to everyone and if you don't use them you're living in the past!" - Andrew Crawford

Date added: 09/10/2009 Revolution Skatepark pics

A camp in upstate New York used our partial kit service to build several new ramps for their skatepark. Here are some photos of the street course and bowl.


Date added: 08/26/2009 Welcome to our new website!

It has been a long time coming but here is the new website design. This should make your browsing experience easier with hardware kits that are set up for specific ramps as well as the proper amount of ramp surfacing sheets needed for each ramp. Many of our past ramps will be added into this new shopping cart within the next month so if you don't see a ramp from the old website, just call.