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Drumlite - Skateboard Ramp Surfacing Blue 4'x12'x1/4"

Drumlite Ramp Surfacing

Drumlite Skateboard Ramp Sheets

We have a limited amount of NEW Drumlite skate ramp surfacing in our Montana warehouse in many unique colors. This is a special one time deal and once it goes, that's it.

Minimum order of 8 sheets please:
Currently there are 80 sheets of this color in stock.

Q: What is Drumlite?
A: Originally Drumlite was sold through the Skatelite factory as “seconds” or “blemished” pieces. It still skated great and was more affordable than the full priced Skatelite Pro. These NEW Drumlite sheets are not “seconds” because of a manufacturing error. The manufacturer of Skatelite also produces kitchen countertops. Recently they changed their color choices and were left with excess raw materials. Since they couldn't use these colors for countertops, they dipped the material in the same outdoor resin that they make Skatelite Pro with and pressed it into 1/4" thick sheets. The result is a different Drumlite in very unique colors available at excellent bargain prices. Skatelite Pro currently costs $151 for a 4x8 sheet, $188 for a 4x10 sheet and $226 for a 4x12 sheet so you can see the vast price savings for this NEW Drumlite. Because of this one time only manufacturing there is no warranty associated with these sheets.

Q: I live on the East Coast, is this still a good deal for me?
A: Perhaps... If you are ordering a lot of sheets (20+) it will make it worth it. A 4x12 pallet has to be built to ship the sheets to you and they are not free. These sheets are also located in our Montana warehouse which is quite far from the East Coast. If it is small order, you will pay a lot in shipping and there goes your savings. For small orders on the East Coast, we recommend ordering the Ramp Armor Deluxe from us because we can ship it from a warehouse that is much closer to you. 4x8 sheets are easier and less expensive to ship. They are also easier to work with on small ramps so please consider this option. Call 406.253.5365 - Mountain Time to discuss your options.

Q: What are the actual sizes available?
A: The previous 4x8 drumlite was cut an inch shy on both sides (47” x 95”) to mark it as a “second” but not these sheets. These are true 4x10 or 4x12. If you need 4x8 sheets we will cut the larger sizes down for you. You will have a scrap piece that you can sheet a grind box or small quarterpipe with or sell to another skater. With the low cost of these sheets, you will still come out ahead.

What is the freight cost for this ramp surfacing?
Since every zip code will have a different delivery charge, we aren't sure at this time what your freight cost will be. Be sure to budget for a freight cost ($200 - $600 depending on number of sheets and distance). There are two types of delivery locations, residential and business. A RESIDENTIAL DELIVERY is a little more expensive because the surfacing is delivered on a smaller truck that can weave through residential areas. The driver will typically call the contact person via cell phone to arrange a delivery time the day before. Please be aware that the delivery driver is not responsible for offloading so be ready to snap the bands and skid off the sheets and pallet.
A BUSINESS DELIVERY is shipped on a larger semi truck that navigates through business routes and delivers to businesses with a loading dock or forklift. Quite often, residents have a friend who owns a business with a loading dock or forklift and will arrange a delivery there and then the pick up the sheets on their own time to save a little cash. (be sure the correct zip code is provided for the delivery location)

Drumlite Ramp Surfacing

skateboard ramp surfacing
Here is a shot of Chris Hanson's ramp that he recently re-sheeted with our Drumlite in Massachusetts. Chris' comment about the drumlite was simple enough "Thanx man. This s*%t is the ballz".

North Carolina Bowl

crazy drumlite patternHere is a photo sent in by Ryan Clark who re-sheeted his halfpipe with our Drumlite Ramp Surfacing. He got crazy with multiple colors as you can see. "Thanks Brendan for the help. The ramp turned out awesome and everyone loves it. I'm sure you will be getting some referrals in the future."

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