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Halfpipe - 10 foot tall traceable plan
skatelite pro sheeted eight foot tall
Halfpipe - 10 foot tall traceable plan

The 10' vert halfpipe is the middle of the road size for vert skating. It has a big transition and some vert at the top to spit you straight up. This ramp is for those interested in vert skating only. Overall Length with 4' decks - 41 feet. The template plan is 24' wide but can be customized to be wider or narrower.

tracing out the template & marking the bracing locations

Most ramp plans just give you overall do's & don'ts when it comes to making skate ramps. This plan gives you specific instructions as well as the actual curve so you don't have to spend the time & frustration of designing a good transition or hoping the coping gets set in right. Don't waste a bunch of time and wood hoping it goes well. Buy a template plan, trace the template, follow the steps, and build a great ramp people will want to skate.

a drawing of a 16' wide halfpipe

This is by far the most economical way to get the most ramp for your money. Someone building your ramp several states away and then paying a freight company to ship it in sections will get you a much narrower ramp at a very high price. If you don’t want to build it yourself, buy a template plan and hire a local handy man to build it - you will still come out ahead. This is a real ramp designed by a real skater who has been building ramps for 20 years. The ramp has a great transition that is not too tight or too mellow.

16' wide 8' tall halfpipe

Customer Comments
We started to build this halfpipe in early December 2001 as a Christmas gift for Chris. I bought the plans from Whitefish Skate Ramp Co. after searching the Internet for free plans. If you want to build any kind of ramp or halfpipe, spend the money for the plans and templates from Whitefish. I could not have done this project without them . It took a total of about 50 hours to build this, but it is a first class structure that will last for a long time.
-Dave Brooke, Natrona Heights, PA

sheeted in Skatelite Pro - Texas

I was just writing to tell you that I received my plans and template on Thursday. I also would like to say thanks for everything. The template is perfect. The plans are amazingly easy to read and follow and whoever my wife or I talked to were really nice and helpful. There needs to be more companies in the world just like yours. Thanks again.
-Scott Disler, Yakima, WA

I received your ramp plans today. I’m pretty sure that I’m not the first to tell you this, but this is the most ridiculous set of ramp plans that I have ever seen!!! To tell you the truth, I don’t think you are charging enough for them. Anyway I just wanted to thank you for the fast shipping and the sickest product ever!!! I’m soooo stoked to get this build going. I haven’t decided on a surface yet, but if I do decide to go with one of your products, you will definitely earn my business!!! I will spread the word, don’t worry about that. When this is complete, I will send you over some photos. Thanks again,
-Pete, New Jersey

I bought some plans from you back in October of '99 for an 8' halfpipe (I see there is still a picture of it up on your site). I just thought you guys might like to know that the ramp is still in great shape after over a year of typical Northwest weather (rain, followed by showers, with occasional downpours). P.S. I always recommend you guys to anyone looking for ramp plans. Keep up the good work.
-Jason Koehn, Enumclaw, WA

Hey whats up, we just got done building our dream halfpipe that we made from your ramp plans and my friends and I were wondering if you could send us some stickers to put on it. It would be greatly appreciated. Thank You. We were all very impressed with your plans for the 6' halfpipe. There are several things I would have done differently that would have wasted time and materials. Thanks Kevin, Frank, And Dain 1st Capital Sk8 Park.
-Lee Swokla, Haddam, CT

Dear Whitefish, I purchased and used the plans for the six foot halfpipe and let me just say they were nothing short of amazing: the plans, and the end result.
-John Degnan

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What Comes in the Plan?
  • A giant traceable pattern of the transition & the cross brace locations
  • A step-by-step instruction booklet with a tools & materials list.
  • An angled block for proper coping placement
  • A sample packet of different ramp surfaces for indoor and outrdoor use, including Skatelite, Skatelite Pro & Ramp Armor Deluxe, as well as screw samples and an ordering information sheet.
traceable template, complete instructions etc..
About Ramp Surfacing
Skatelite Ramp Surfacing
Ramp Armor Ramp Surfacing

With every ramp plan we include a ramp surfacing sample packet. Ramp surfacing is essential to the longevity of your ramp. Ramp surfacing can last for years outdoors, whereas a masonite or plywood top layer often needs to be replaced the following year. The free packet is helpful in choosing colors as well as getting a feel of the different ramp surfaces. You will clearly see and feel that these surfaces are much different than masonite. You will also realize that there is not a similar surface available at your local lumber store. Feel free to perform tests on the surfaces - countersink them, saw them, submerge them in water, beat them with a hammer, - whatever.

Ramp Surfacing Samples

Click HERE for information on used skatelite, mistrims or seconds at great prices.

Ramp Surfacing For Sale:
Skatelite (indoor use)
Skatelite Pro (outdoor use)

Ramp Armor D-Lux (outdoor use)

To order Skatelite or other ramp surfaces, please fill out an information form HERE
(for serious inquiries only)

Click HERE for installation tips for ramp surfacing.

High quality countersinks are a necessity during the application process of the dense ramp surfacing. These countersink bits have four flutes that stay sharp for a long time compared to the less expensive single flutes. Sold HERE

Traceable Plan Shipping

Priority mail shipping included with delivery confirmation (USA orders).

Shipping $10 extra to Canada or $20 extra to Europe etc.

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